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Dock Workers (Safety, Health & Welfare) Regulations, 1990











95. Cleanliness.-

(1) Every place in the ship, dock and all areas which are in proximity to the place in the dock, where dock workers are employed, shall be kept clean and free from rubbish or eflluvia arising from any drain, privy or other nuisance.

(2) All the accumulated garbages from the ships and the dock area shall be disposed off by burning in an incenerator or by other suitable means.

(3) All the damaged or deteriorated cargo posing hazards to safety or health or nuisance shall be removed or disposed off from the work place where the dock workers are employed.

96. Drinking water.-

(1) (a) On board every ship and in every dock, effective arrangement shall be made to provide and maintain at suitable points conveniently situated for all dock workers employed therein, sufficient supply of wholesome drinking water:

Provided that the drinking water point is available within 100 metres of the place where dock workers are employed.

(b) Effective arrangement shall be made to provide and maintain adequate supply of wholesome drinking water on board every ship in mid-stream for all dock workers employed thereon.

(c) The water provided for drinking shall be supplied from the public water supply system or otherwise from any other source approved in writing by the Health Officer of the Port.

(2) All such points shall be legibly marked "Drinking Water" in a language understood by a majority of the dock workers and no such point shall be situated within six metres of any washing place urinal or latrine unless a shorter distance is approved in writing by the Chief Inspector.

(3) In every dock, the drinking water supplied to the dock workers shall during hot weather, be cooled by ice or other effective means: Provided that if ice is placed, in the drinking water, the ice shall be clean and wholesome and shall be obtained only from a source approved in writing by the Health Officer at the Port.

(4) Every drinking water centre shall be maintained in a clean and ordinary condition and if necessary shall be in charge of a person who shall distribute the water. Such a person shall be provided with clean clothes while on duty.

(5) The drinking water centres shall be sheltered from the weather and adequately drained.

(6) Storage tanks or containers for drinking water shall always be kept in clean and hygienic condition.

(7) The Inspector may, by order in writing, direct the Port Authority to obtain at such time or at such intervals as he may direct a report from the Health Officer of the Port as to the fitness for human consumption of the water supplied to the dock workers, and in every case to submit to the Inspector a copy of such report as soon as it is received from the Health Officer.

97. Latrines and urinals.-

(1) In every dock, latrine and urinal accommodation shall be provided on the scale given in Schedule VIII and shall be conveniently situated and accessible to dock workers at all times while they are at work. Such accommodation and access to it shall be adequately lighted and ventilated.

(2) Separate latrines shall be provided where female dock workers are employed.

(3) The floors and internal walls of the latrines and urinals and the sanitary blocks shall be laid in glazed tiles or otherwise finished to provide a smooth polished impervious surface upto height of at least 90 centimetre.

(4) All such accommodation shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition at all times. The floors, side walls and the sanitary pans of latrines and urinals shall be thoroughly swept and cleaned at least once in a day with suitable detergents or disinfectants or with both.

(5) Every latrine shall be under cover and so partitioned off as to secure privacy and shall have a proper door and fastenings.

(6) The walls, ceilings and partitions of every latrine and urinal shall be whitewashed or colour-washed and the white- washing or colour-washing shall be repeated at least once in four months and record maintained.

(7) Where piped water supply is available sufficient number of water taps, conveniently accessible shall be provided in or near such latrine accommodation.

(8) Where piped water supply is not available provision shall be made to store adequate quantity of water near the latrine.

98. Spittons.-

(1) In every portion of a dock including warehouses and store places, sufficient number o spittons shall be provided in convenient places and they shall be maintained in a clean and hygienic condition.

(2) No person shall spit in the dock area except in the spittons provided for the purpose and a notice containing this provision shall be prominently displayed at suitable places.

(3) Whoever spits in contravention of sub-regulation (2) shall be punishable with a fine not exceeding one hundred rupees.

(4) The spittons shall be of an approved type.

(5) The spittons shall be emptied, cleaned and disinfected at least once in every day.

99. Ventilation and temperature in dock area including reefer holds on ships.-

Effective and suitable provision shall be made in every dock for securing and maintaining in every building or an enclosure or a reefer hold or chamber or reefer container where dock workers are employed adequate ventilation by the circulation of fresh air and such temperature and air movement as will secure to dock workers therein reasonable conditions of comfort and prevent injury to health.