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Dock Workers (Safety, Health & Welfare) Regulations, 1990











100. Washing facilities.-

(1) In every dock, rest shed, call stand and canteen, adequate and suitable facilities for washing shall be provided and maintained for the use of the dock workers and such facilities shall be conveniently accessible and shall be kept in clean and orderly condition. Washing facilities shall include glazed wash basins with taps attached thereto.

(2) Where dock workers are exposed to skin contamination by poisonous, infection or irritation substances or oil grease or dust, adequate number of shower-baths enclosed in individual compartments, with entrances suitably screened shall be provided.

(3) These facilities shall be provided in every dock on the scale laid down in Schedule VIII.

(4) The floor or ground under and in the immediate vicinity of every wash basin, stand pipe and shower shall be so laid or finished as to provide a smooth impervious surface and shall be adequately drained.

(5) The water supply of the washing facilities shall be adequate having regard to the number of dock workers employed in the dock, and shall be from a source approved in writing by the Health Officer of the Port.

101. First-aid boxes.-

(1) In every dock and on board every ship there shall be provided and maintained so as to be readily accessible during all working hours, sufficient number of first-aid boxes or cupboards:

Provided that the distance of the nearest first-aid box or cupboard shall not be more than 200 metres from any working place.

(2) Nothing except appliances or requisites for first-aid shall be kept in the boxes and cupboards. All such boxes and cupboards shall be so kept that they are protected against contamination by dust or other foreign matters and against penetration of moisture. They shall be kept in the charge of a responsible person who is trained in first-aid treatment and who shall always be readily available during working hours.

(3) Each first-aid box or cupboard shall be distinctly marked "First-Aid" and shall be equipped with the articles specified in Schedule VI.

102. Ambulance room.-

(1) In every dock or in any part of a dock where dock workers are ordinarily employed, there, shall be provided and maintained an ambulance room with effective communication system and shall be in the charge of a qualified nurse who shall always be readily available during all working hours and the ambulance room shall be in overall charge of a qualified medical practitioner.

(2) The ambulance room shall be a separate room used only for the purpose of first-aid treatment and rest. It shall have a floor area of at least ten square metre and smooth, hard and impervious walls and flooring and shall be adequately ventilated and lighted by both natural and artificial means. An adequate supply of wholesome drinking water shall be provided and the room shall be equipped with the articles specified in Schedule V.

(3) A record of all cases of accidents and sickness treated at the ambulance room shall be kept and produced to the Inspector on demand.

103. Ambulance carriage.-

There shall be provided for use at every dock a suitably constructed motor ambulance carriage and launch which shall be maintained in good condition for the purpose of removal of serious cases of accident and sickness.

104. Stretchers.-

A sufficient number of suitable stretchers including a Neil Robertson Stretcher or any other suitable sling stretcher, shall be provided at every dock at convenient places so as to be readily available in an emergency.

105. Shelters or rest sheds and lunch rooms.-

(1) In every dock wherein more than 150 dock workers are ordinarily employed, adequate and suitable shelters or rest sheds and suitable lunch rooms with provision for drinking water and washing facilities, where dock workers can eat meals brought by them, shall be provided at convenient places and maintained for their use:

Provided that any canteen maintained in accordance with regulation 106 shall be regarded as part of the requirement of this regulation: Provided further that, where a lunch room is provided no dock worker shall eat any food in the precincts of the dock except in such lunch rooms.

(2) Covered receptacles shall be provided and used for disposal of food and litter in every rest shed. These receptacles shall be emptied at least once in every shift.

(3) The shelters or rest rooms and lunch rooms to be provided under sub-regulation (1) shall be sufficiently lighted and ventilated and shall be maintained in a cool and clean condition.

106. Canteens.-

(1) In any dock or in any part of dock wherein more than 250 dock workers are ordinarily employed, or are waiting to be employed, adequate canteen facilities in or near the work area shall be provided and maintained by the Port Authorities and dock labour boards for the use of all dock workers. The canteen shall function at all times when twenty-five or more dock workers are employed at a time.

(2) The canteens shall conform to the requirements laid down in Schedule IX.

(3) An adequate number of mobile canteens shall be provided at every dock with provision for serving tea and light refreshments.

107. Medical examination of dock workers.-

(1) It shall be ensured that all dock workers undergo medical examination.-

(a) before he is employed for the first time; or is being selected or trained for the operation of lifting appliances and transport equipment;

(b) periodically, at such intervals as may be considered necessary by the Chief Inspector in view of the risks inherent In the dock work and the conditions under which the dock work is performed.

(2) (a) Wherever considered necessary the medical examination shall also, include X-ray and pathological laboratory examination and

(b) the medical examinations prescribed under sub-regulation 1 (a), (b) and 2 (a) shall be in accordance with Schedule XI and no dock worker shall be charged for the same.

(3) In the case of dock workers exposed to special occupational health hazards, the periodical medical examination shall include any special investigation deemed necessary for the diagnosis of occupational diseases.

(4) The details of the medical examination shall be suitably recorded and shall be made available to the Inspector on demand.

(5) If the medical officer is of the opinion that the dock worker so examined is required to be taken away from the dock work for health protection he may direct the Port Authorities or Dock Labour Board or the other employers of dock workers accordingly, as the case may be. However, the dock worker so taken away shall be provided with alternate placement unless he is in the opinion of the medical officer, fully incapacitated in which case the worker affected may be suitably rehabilitated.

108. Notices.-

Notices shall be exhibited in prominent positions at every dock stating.-

(a) the position of nearest first-aid box or cupboard and the place where the person-in-charge thereof can be found.

(b) the position of the ambulance room, the stretchers or other appliances; and

(c) the position of the ambulance carriage and launch, the location of the nearest telephone and the name and telephone number of the hospital or other place from where such carriage or launch can be obtained.

109. Welfare Officers.-

(1) Every Post Authority and Dock Labour Board shall employ a number of welfare officers with duties, qualifications and conditions of service as laid down in Schedule X.

(2) Every other employer of dock worker shall employ at least one welfare officer, provided that the employers may form a group and appoint welfare officer for the group as specified in Schedule X with the written permission of the Chief Inspector.