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. THE FACTORIES ACT [Act No. 63 of 1948] As amended by the Factories (Amendment) Act, 1987]      .
. CHAPTER VI, Working Hours of Adults .

66. Further restriction on employment of women

(1) The provisions of this Chapter shall, in their application to women in factories, be supplemented by the following further instructions, namely :-

  1. no exemption from the provisions of section 54 may be granted in respect of any woman ;
  2. no woman shall be 14[required or allowed to work in any factory] except between the hours 6 A.M. and 7 P.M. :
    Provided that the ![State] Government may, by notification in the Official
    Gazette, in respect of 15[any factory or group or class or description of factories], vary the limits laid down in clause(b), but so that no such variation shall authorize the employment of any woman between the hours of 10 P.M. and 5 A.M.;
  3. 16[(c) there shall be no change of shifts except after a weekly holiday or any other holiday].

(2) The ![State] Government may make rules providing for the exemption from the restrictions set out in sub-section (1), to such extent and subject to such conditions as it may prescribe, of women working in fish-curing or fish- canning factories, where the employment of women beyond the hours specified in the said restrictions is necessary to prevent damage to, or deterioration in any raw material.

(3) The rules made under the sub-section (2) shall remain in force for not more than three years at a time. _______________________________________________________________

14. Subs. for "employed in any factory" by Act 94 of 1976
15. Subs. for "any clause or description of factories" by ibid.
16. Cl.(c) ins. by Act 25 of 1954



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