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. THE FACTORIES ACT [Act No. 63 of 1948] As amended by the Factories (Amendment) Act, 1987]      .
. CHAPTER VII, Employment of Young Persons .

76. Power to make rules

The ![State] Government may make rules :-

  1. prescribing the forms of certificate of fitness to be granted under section 69, providing for the grant of duplicates in the event of loss of the original certificate, and fixing the fees which may be charged for such certificates and renewals thereof and such duplicates ;
  2. prescribing the physical standards to be attained by children and adolescents working in factories;
  3. regulating the procedure of certifying surgeons under this Chapter;
  4. specifying other duties which certifying surgeons may be required to perform in connection with the employment of young persons in factories, and fixing the fees which may be charged for such duties and the persons by whom they shall be payable.


! Subs. for "Provincial" by the Adaptn. of Laws Orders, 1950



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