Schedule – XXVI

Highly Flammable Liquids and Flammable Compressed Gases


1.         Application - These rules will be applicable to all factories where highly flammable liquids or flammable compressed gases are manufactured, stored, handled or used.


2.                   Definition - For the purpose of this schedule –


(a)              ”highly flammable liquid” means any liquid including its solution, emulsion or suspension which when tested in a manner specified by sections 14 and 15 of the Petroleum Act, 1934, (30 of 1934) gives off flammable vapours at a temperature less than 32 degree centigrade;


(b)              ”flammable compressed gas” means flammable compressed gas as defined in section 2 of the Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) Rules 1981 framed under the Explosive Act, 1884.


3.         Storage -


(1)                Every flammable liquid or flammable compressed gas used in every factory shall be stored in suitable fixed storage tank, or in suitable closed vessel located in a safe position under the ground, in the open or in a store room of adequate fire resistant construction.


(2)                Except as necessary for use, operation or maintenance, every vessel or tank which contains or had contained highly flammable liquid or flammable compressed gas shall be always kept closed and all reasonably practicable steps shall be taken to contain or immediately drain off to a suitable container any spill or leak that may occur.


(3)                Every container, vessel, tank, cylinder, or store room used for storing highly flammable liquid or flammable compressed gas shall be clearly and in bold letters marked “Danger-Highly Flammable Liquid” or “Danger-Flammable Compressed Gas”.


4.                  Enclosed Systems for Conveying Highly Flammable Liquids - Wherever it is reasonably practicable, highly flammable liquids shall be conveyed within a factory in totally enclosed systems consisting of pipe lines, pumps and similar appliances from the storage tank or vessel to the point of use.  Such enclosed systems shall be so designed, installed, operated and maintained as to avoid leakage or the risk of spilling.


5.         Preventing Formation of Flammable Mixture with Air - Wherever there is a possibility for leakage or spill of highly flammable liquid or flammable compressed gas from any equipment, pipe line, valve, joint or other part of a system, all practicable measures shall be taken to contain, drain off or dilute such spills or leakage as to prevent formation of flammable mixture with air.


6.         Prevention of Ignition -


(1)        In every room, work place or other location where highly flammable liquid or flammable combustible gas is stored, conveyed, handled or used or where there is danger of fire or explosion from accumulation of highly flammable liquid or flammable compressed gas in air, all practicable measures shall be taken to exclude the sources of ignition. Such precautions shall include the following :


(a)                  All electrical apparatus shall  either be excluded from the area of risk or they shall be of such construction and so installed and maintained as to prevent the danger of their being a source of ignition;


(b)                  effective measures shall be adopted for prevention of accumulation of static charges to a dangerous extent;


(c)                  no person shall wear or be allowed to wear any foot wear having iron or steel nails or any other exposed ferrous materials which is likely to cause sparks by friction;


(d)                  smoking, lighting or carrying of matches, lighters or smoking materials shall be prohibited;


(e)                  transmission belts with iron fasteners shall not be used; and


(f)                    all other precautions, as are reasonably practicable, shall be taken to prevent initiation of ignition from all other possible sources such as open flames, frictional sparks, overheated surfaces of machinery or plant, chemical or physical-chemical reaction and radiant heat.


7.         Prohibition of smoking - No person shall smoke in any place where highly flammable liquid or flammable compressed gas is present in circumstances that shall take all practicable measures to ensure compliance with this requirement including display of a bold notice indicating prohibition of smoking at every place where this requirement applies.


8.         Fire Fighting - In every factory where highly flammable liquid or flammable compressed gas is manufactured, stored, handled or used, appropriate and adequate means of fighting a fire shall be provided. The adequacy and suitability of such means which expression includes the fixed and portable fire extinguishing systems, extinguishing material, procedures and the process of fire fighting, shall be to the standards and levels prescribed by the Indian Standards applicable, and in any case not inferior to the stipulations under Model Rules 69.


9.         Exemptions - If in respect of any factory, the Chief Inspector is satisfied that owing to the exceptional circumstances or infrequency of the processes or for any other reason, all or any of the provisions of this schedule is not necessary for the protection of the workers in the factory, the Chief Inspector may be a certificate in writing which he may in his discretion revoke at any time, exempt such factory from all or any of such provisions subject to such conditions, if any, as he may specify therein.