Schedule – VII

Generating petrol gas from petrol


1.                Prohibition  relating to women and young persons - No woman or  young person shall be employed or permitted to work in or shall be allowed to enter  any  building  in which the generation  of  gas  from  dangerous  petroleum is carried on.


2.                Flame  traps -  The  plant for generation  of  gas   from  dangerous  petroleum and associated piping and fittings shall be fitted with at least  two  efficient flame traps so designed and maintained as  to  prevent  a  flash back from any burner to the plant.  One  of  these  traps shall be fitted as close to the plant as possible.  The  plant  and all pipes and valves shall be installed and maintained free form  leaks.


3.                Generating building or room - All plants for generation of gas  from dangerous  petroleum  erected  after the coming into  force  of  the  provisions specified in this schedule, shall be erected outside  the factory  building  proper  in a separate  well  ventilated  building (hereinafter referred to as “generating building”).  In the case  of such  plants erected before the coming into force of the  provisions specified  in this schedule, there shall be no direct  communication   between the room where such plants are erected (hereinafter referred  to  as  “the  generating room”) and the  remainder  of  the  factory building.  So far as practicable, all such generating rooms shall be  constructed of fire-resisting materials.


4.                Fire  extinguishers -  An efficient means of extinguishing  petrol fires shall be maintained in an easily accessible position near  the  plant for generation of gas from dangerous petroleum.


5.                Plant  to be approved by Chief Inspector - Petrol gas shall  not  be  manufactured except in a plant for generating petrol gas, the design  and construction of which has been approved by the Chief Inspector.


6.                Escape of petrol - Effective steps shall be taken to prevent  petrol  from escaping into any drain or sewer.


7.                Prohibition  relating  to smoking - No person shall smoke or carry  matches,  fire  or naked light or other means  of  producing a naked  light or spark in the generation room or building or in the vicinity thereof  and  a  warning notice in the language  understood  by  the majority  of the workers shall be posted in the factory  prohibiting   smoking  and  the carrying of matches, fire or naked light  or  other  means  of  producing  a  naked light or  spark  into  such  room  or  building.


8.                Access  to petrol or container - No unauthorized person  shall have access  to any petrol or to a vessel containing or  having  actually  contained petrol.


9.                Electric fittings -  All electric fittings shall be of  flameproof  construction  and all electric conductors shall either  be  enclosed in metal conduits or be lead-sheathed.


10.           Construction of doors - All doors in the generating room or building  shall be constructed to open outwards or to slide and no door  shall be  locked  or  obstructed or fastened in a such a  manner  that  it  cannot  be easily and immediately opened from the inside while gas is being generated and any person is working in the generating  room  or building.


11.           Repair of containers- No vessel that has contained petrol shall  be repaired in a generating room or building and no repairs to any such vessel shall be undertaken unless live steam has been blown into the  vessel  and  until the interior is thoroughly steamed out  or  other equally  effective steps have been taken to ensure that it  has  been  rendered free from petrol or flammable vapour.