Child Labour(January-March'96) Platium Jubilee of ILO(April-June'97) Safety in Fertilizer Industry(july_sept.'97) Participative Safety Management in Ports(October-December'97) Training in Safety & Health(January-March '98) Major Accident Hazard Control - a National Perspective(April-June '98) Occupational Safety & Health Management System(July-September '98) Occupational Health Surveillance(October-December '98)
Risk Management in Industry(January-March'99) Dust Control - Concern of Ports(April-June'99) Heat Stress in Industry - Part I(July-Sept.'99) Heat Stress in Industry - Part II(October-December '99) Shipbreaking Industry(January-March 2000) Promotion of Safety & Health in Small Scale Industries(April-June 2000) Ergonomics in Industry (July-September 2000) Ergonomics for Safety & Health (October-December 2000)
Risk from LPG Storage Tanks (January-March 2001) BIS-15001-2000 Standard on Occupational Health & Safety Management System (April-June 2001) Occupational Health Hazards among VDT Operators (July-Sept.2001) Holistic Approach to Accident Causation & Prevention(October-December 2001) Management of Occupational Safety & Health in the State of Kerala(January-March 2002) Humanising work & work Environment(April-June 2002) Personal Protective Equipment(July-September 2002) Occupational Environment in Stone Crusher Units(October-December 2002)
Health Audit(January-March 2003) Pollution Prevention(April_June 2003) Welcome to the World Wide Web of DGFASLI(July-Sept.2003) Dioxin in Environment-Problems & Perspective(October-December,2003) International Chemical Safety Cards in Hindi(January-March, 2004) Enviornmental Audit for Establishing EMS in Thermal Power Stations(April-June, 2004) Modern concept of Occupational Health Service(July-September, 2004) Safety and Loss Control in Construction Industry(October-December, 2004)
Perspective on Occupational, Safety,Health & Environment of worker at the national level - Current Scenario (January-March 2005) Occupational Health Profile of the Beedi Workers & Ergonomic Intervention (April-June 2005) Process Safety & Work Environment in the Manipulation of Emulsifiable Concentrates of Pesticides – A Sample Survey (July-September 2005) Occupational Safety & Health in Shipbreaking Industry – Indian Scenario(October-December 2005) Back Pain & Safe Work Practice at Workplace(January-March 2006) Occupational Backpain - A Myth & Misery at Shopfloor - Part I (April-June 2006) Occupational Backpain - A Myth & Misery at Shopfloor - Part II (July-September2006) Occupational & Environmental Health Problems in Fertilizer Plant(October-December 2006)
Management of Occupational Back Pain on Shop Floor (January-March 2007) Occupational Health Hazards in Tanneries(April-June 2007) Industrial Injuries & Women Workers(July_September 2007) Knowledge based society & quality of work-life(October_December 2007) Interventions For Prevention Of Silicosis(January-March 2008) Employee Participation in achieving Industrial Safety & Health - Vision 2020(April_june 2008) Policy, Legal and Statutory Framework on Industrial Safety & Health(July-September 2008) Silicosis(October-December 2008)
Safety Management Concepts & Realities(January-March 2009) Emergency Planning -  On-site and Off-site(April-June 2009) Work Environment Hazards in Industries(July-Sept 2009) Occupational Safety and Health Behaviour: An Indian Perspective(Oct-Dec 2009) DGFASLI’S PERSPECTIVES VIS-A-VIS DISASTER MANAGEMENT(January-March 2010) Occupational Health Study & Environmental Monitoring in Some Stone Breaking Units in North-Eastern Region(April-June 2010) HAZARD CONTROL IN PLANT MAINTENANCE WORK(July-Sept 2010) Occupational Safety and Health Behaviour: An Indian Perspective(Oct-Dec 2010)
Development & Implementation of Workplace Safety & Health in India(January-March 2011) Indian OSH is Prescriptive or Preventive?(April-June 2011) Certification Procedure for Personal Protective Equipment & Training(July-September, 2011) Statutory Frame Work on Occupational Safety & Health in India(Oct-Dec 2011) Chemical Process Safety Through use of Softwares(January-March 2012) Challenges in Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) in 21st Century - Strategies(April-June 2012) Industrial Hygiene Practices for the Improvement of Work Environment(July-Sept 2012)

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