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Plan Schemes of the DGFASLI organisation during the XIIth Five Year Plan Period

Title of the Scheme- Development of Regional Labour Institute, Faridabad as Centre of Excellence in Safety Systems in MSME and Chemical Process Units.


Objective of the Scheme-


                     Development of Specialized Training Center, Advanced Research Center and Advanced Awareness Centre for carrying out the Technical activities.

                     To develop wide spectrum Door-step Facility to impart knowledge, skills and develop awareness among the work-force and owner-managers of MSMEs.


Main Activities under the Scheme-


                     Creation of posts

                     Setting up of Centers / Laboratories

                     Studies/surveys/ Audits

                     Short and long duration programmes

                     One year post Diploma course

                     Training programme for small & medium enterprises

                     In-plant Training

                     National Seminar/ conference /Workshop

                     Publications/ Film

                     Posters for creating awareness


Title of the Scheme- Strengthening of DGFASLI Organisation and OSH in Factories, Ports and Docks.


Objective of the Scheme-

To strengthen the infrastructure facilities at DGFASLI organization including Central Labour Institute at Mumbai & Regional Labour institutes located at Chennai, Kanpur & kolkata, and Inspectorates Dock Safety at the eleven major ports for improving occupational safety and health status in factories, ports and docks throughout the country thereby contributing to prevention of occupational injuries and diseases.


Activities under the Scheme-


                     Upgradation of various laboratories at CLI & RLIs

                     Development of National Inventory on OSH information and follow up

                     Upgradation and development of databases

                     Development of Application Programmes

                     Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on request

                     Industry-wise safety and health information

                     INDOSHNEWS Publication

                     Publication of Manuals, brochures,

                     Implementation of minimum agenda for e-Governance

                     Conduction of specialized training programmes, seminars, workshops

                     Conduction of studies/surveys/audits

                     Enforcement activities in major ports (inspection of ships, container ship, loose gears, docks,

container yards, hazardous installations, etc.)

                     Testing of Respiratory & Non Respiratory PPE carried out

                     Production of video films

                     Procurement of audio-visual and communication equipment & software for production of

video films, posters, etc.