Safety, Health & Welfare Centre

Central Labour Institute, Mumbai functioning under the Ministry of Labour, Government India has a Safety, Health and Welfare Centre (SHWC) where various models and exhibits including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are displayed to enhance knowledge on industrial safety. SHWC is regularly visited by executives and workers of various industries/institutions from different parts of the country, who carry the message of safety to their respective industry/institution and help to bring down accidents and ill-health of people at work.


The SHWC is being renovated by adding new and modern PPEs. Such renovation will help the industries/institutions acquainted with various modern PPEs available in our country so that industries/institutions may use them in their accident prevention programmes.


With the above objective in mind, Central Labour Institute requests manufacturers/ distributors, etc. of indigenous PPEs to donate their latest models of PPEs for permanent display at our SHW Centre for the benefit of industries/institutions who may make use of them.  The donations will be duly acknowledged.


Interested agencies may please contact the Director-in-Charge, Safety Division, Central Labour Institute on phone 022-4092203 or fax 022-4071986 for further details.